¡Viva México!


I have never been one to want to do normal things… so deciding to stay on a sailboat instead of a typical resort was a yes for me!! This sailboat was found on Airbnb which is pretty cool that they have places like this available to stay at. Beautiful boat with a bed and kitchen and a bathroom, which is everything you need, and the best part is the ocean is right there all you have to do is jump off the boat. That was my favorite part about it, being able to jump right in the ocean and snorkel around. The boat did come with snorkel gear which was nice so I recommend if you want to stay on a boat and want to snorkel contact the host and see if they have any gear for you to use. The boat did not come with food so it is not all inclusive like most resorts so we stopped and got some snacks.

Staying on this boat was such a unique experience. You wake up to a beautiful sunrise and cool ocean breeze and fall asleep to the ocean rocking you to sleep. We stayed on this boat for two nights which is the perfect amount of time. I did not realize how humid it would be to be staying on the ocean with no AC to escape to. Luckily, I was in my swimsuit and in the water pretty much the whole time on the boat but still you can’t escape the humidity. So, I recommend doing what we did and spend a few days on a boat and a few somewhere else.


After we went a few nights on the sailboat we booked a villa called Sea By C through Airbnb. This gorgeous quaint villa is only a few months old and super exclusive. If you are the type of person that does not need amenities or flare this is the type of place you should stay. The villa comes with an equipped small kitchen with a big fridge and a full bathroom. My favorite part about this place was that there were only sliding glass doors to get into the room which you could fully open. With these open there was an amazing ocean breeze that filled the room. You can lay on the bed and be eye level with the ocean. All of the windows open up as well to feel as if you are outside but in the comfort of a cozy room. I adore this place and it was so relaxing.

The host of this property was amazing and probably the best customer service that I have ever experienced. She offered to drive us places which was so nice that we did not have to take a taxi. This villa is more north of downtown Cancun but its worth it because it is out of the way of all of the chaos. There are two rooms on the property as of now but the host told us that they are planning to expand the property to make it 10 rooms so that it is an exclusive hotel to stay at. They will also be adding in a pool area. I will 100% be staying there the next time I visit Cancun because of how amazing the experience was.



While in Cancun we decided that going to Isla Mujeres was a must. This island has the bluest clearest water that I have ever seen. It reminds me a lot of the Bahamas. To get to the island from Cancun you take the Ultramar which is a high-speed ferry that runs every 30 mins. This ferry is super innovative with luxury seats inside the ferry and seats up top where I recommend sitting so that you can see the beautiful colors of the ocean. When we got to the island we rented a golf cart to explore. Bring a drivers license because you will need it to rent the golf cart. We took the golf cart first to Playa Norte which is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water with no waves. It looks like a lake. On this beach you can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas. I started feeling sick this day so I got treated to a massage which made me feel a lot better. After getting a massage we explored the beautiful island and went to the Aquarium Tortugranja. This is a turtle farm that is only $3 to get into. Sea turtles are my favorite sea animal so getting to go look at a ton of them made my day.

After the aquarium I was recommended by my mom to go to the Zama Beach and Lounge which is an amazing spot that does not cost money to go to. They have two gorgeous pools, lounge chairs and a dock. This beach is great because you do not need to pay extra to use the lounge chairs or the pool. Since I was sick I was able to order tortilla soup which soothed the cold that I was catching. This is one of the most beautiful places I have experienced so far and my BIGGEST RECOMMENDATION is to rent a golf cart to get around and explore the island on your own. I am not a huge fan of group travel excursions, I am the type of person that likes to go off the normal path and do spontaneous things.

Create your own adventure!

This trip was not planned through a travel agent and we did not have a set plan for day to day activities. We spontaneously decided what to do each day and that is what made the trip exciting. I plan for certain things but I really like to hear what the locals say to do before deciding where to go. I suggest staying at Airbnb’s because you can find the most unique places for the most inexpensive prices and you get to meet wonderful hosts. This trip was amazing and one I will never forget, I can not wait to go back!!



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