Travel With Me…

Hello my Travel Babes,

My name is Jenni Gordon aka The Blonde Traveler. Ever since I was a little girl experiencing new places has always been my favorite thing to do. I am here to share all of my experiences with you and give you my best advice of  what to do and not to do when you are traveling. I am no expert at traveling but I have a passion for it and I am going to learn along the way the best ways to travel. All of my experiences are authentic and are 100% me and I can not wait to share with you my journey.

Grab a seat and come on this journey with me and get ready to feel the travel bug <3




Born & Raised…. Phoenix, AZ.

Age…. 20 years young.

Currently residing…. Tempe, AZ ( Go Devils! )

Favorite Color…. yellow, can you tell from the site 😉

Favorite Food…. Sushi but hard to say because I am so indecisive about food! I will eat anything!

Favorite Genre of Music…. Lover of most types of music… top favorite is island house.

Favorite Music Artist…. Halsey! She is dope!

Favorite Drink…. Not 21 yet 😉 so I am going to go with Lemonade!!

Favorite Activity…. Dancing because it puts me in the best mood!