Proost in Amsterdam!

Proost! = Cheers in dutch (toast when drinking)

Amsterdam is the place I could see myself living. It is the perfect mixture between city and suburbs. We stayed on the outskirts of central Amsterdam but not a far walk if you wanted to walk to the center. When we arrived at the airport we were told that the best deal was to purchase a four day bus, metro and ferry pass which was 22 euros. This was unlimited hop on and off all day for 4 days. However this pass does not include transportation on the trains to and from the airport. We used this pass everyday to and from our Airbnb except for one day when we decided to walk back, it was long but we managed.

After our journey from the airport we found our Airbnb in a quaint neighborhood. We rented a room within an apartment, that had its own private terrace that included a hammock. Our host was a doll and was super welcoming, she made us feel very comfortable staying with her. The place was close to the metro which we took into central Amsterdam where it is more touristy. We spent our first night drinking beer and eating fries at our new favorite bar called Cafe Frits.

What I loved most about this city is how safe it feels and how no one tries to bother you because we look “American”. The canals and the buildings are so gorgeous and have such a unique personality to them. We spent most of our time wondering the streets and walking everywhere. We walked on average about 5 miles a day so definitely wear sneakers or comfortable shoes. It was also pretty cold there, in the 60-70s the whole time. The sun did not come out that much except the last day and it was beautiful. Cold but sunny, perfect combo.

On our first day we went to the A’DAM Lookout which was pretty neat and something I have never done before. It’s on the top of a tall building across the river where you can see all of Amsterdam. The package we bought for the experience included two drink tickets and a ride on the swing. The swing ride is about 2 minutes and it swings you over the edge of the building. It was exhilarating swinging over a 25 story building. You also get free photos included with the ride. It was a great start to our Amsterdam trip.

After we wondered around the canals and saw the Red Light District… which is an experience in itself. Not going to say much about it but it is something you just gotta see once in your life. We ate at the New York Film Academy Cafe which was designed to look like the inside of a subway station in NYC. Our meal is picture above and the grilled cheese I got was way better than it looks. During this trip I was surprised to see how many hamburger and hot dog restaurants there are. I didn’t expect that to be a popular meal. Beer is also very cheap and we drank a glass pretty much with every meal.

That night we ate at a really good Chinese restaurant called Dragon City. I got the egg fried noodles and it was so yummy. I was not expecting it to be as good as it was and for how inexpensive it is you get a lot of food. After eating we met up with some friends from back home and went to some bars in the main area. Even staying out late at night we felt comfortable. We went two bars called: Cafe Old Sailor and Belushi’s. They were both really fun with good prices on drinks. Belushi’s was a younger crowd with more of a night club feel.

(Check Out Sydney’s Youtube Channel for the Amsterdam Vlog to see inside the Heineken Tour and more from our stay)

I have to say that I did not expect the Heineken Tour to be as cool as it was. I was impressed with how interactive it was. Heineken made it super higher tech with lots of visuals and even a simulation type part were they pretend to brew and bottle you as if you were the beer. That might not make sense so you just got to go experience it or check out my insta story to see it, it’s very smart of them to do. With the tour you also get two free drink tickets and you get them at the end of the tour at the bar area. At this bar they play great music which is a mix between the oldies and the new while you are sippin on beer. You can also test out how well you can pour beer from the tap to get the perfect layer of foam. Definitely a tour worth doing.

We didn’t really have a plan while there we just walked up and down the canals till we found something to do our eat. We wondered upon this very chic cannel-side restaurant called Herengracht Restaurant & Bar. I had the best avocado toast which was a nice find since mostly everything to eat in Amsterdam is burgers but there are some unique places that have other types of food like the Chinese restaurant.

While there I bought a Levi’s shirt which is the brand what most people where in Europe. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen wearing the original Levi’s shirt. There are about three Levi’s stores in the central Amsterdam area so if you want to buy there is many opportunities for it.

If you are in the mood to relax and sit for a few hours go to Vondelpark. Lots of beautiful fountains and flowers to see in this massive park. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day of walking. We went there on our final day because we just wanted to relax and lay in the grass after walking for miles for the past three days.

Looking at all these pictures makes me realize that we ate our way through Amsterdam and I wouldn’t want it any other way because we had a great time drinking and eating. My favorite meal/ snack that we had was at a place near our Airbnb called Cafe Zurich. I had nachos with Doritos as chips and spring rolls. Weird combo but thats basically my two cravings. At this cafe you can order snacks or a full meal such as fresh beet ravioli.

I loved visiting Amsterdam and I would love to come back again soon. I felt very at home there which is a weird feeling since it is another country where I know no one. The whole time I was there I kept saying I could picture myself there and maybe it would be fun to move there for a little bit. We shall see in the future… maybe it will happen!



Here is the list of restaurants/ bars that we went:

  • Cafe Frits- which is near our AIrbnb but really cute bar with younger vibes and cheap beer) they also have the best fries and mayonnaise aioli dip
  • Cafe Zurich – best snack food!!
  • Herengracht Restaurant & Bar – most unique meal!
  • New York Film Academy Cafe – great LIL restaurant located by the Central Station. Great prices and really good grilled cheese and burgers.
  • Dragon City– some of best Chinese food I have had!
  • Cafe Old Sailor – great bar for cheap beers, 6 euros for a pint.
  • De Carrousel Pannenkoeken– Carrousel themed pancake house near the Heineken museum. Very good waffles and burgers!
  • Belushi’s– Home to Amsterdam’s longest happy hour with great deals all day. Bar that plays a variety of music such as Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Muse and many more.

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