My Top 3 Places to Visit in Italy

First Fav!

My absolute favorite spot in Italy is Positano. Hands down the prettiest place I have been. I had a very surreal moment while I was there. This was while we were on our way back to Naples on the bus. I remember looking out the windows as the sun was setting over the cliffs and just thinking to myself no matter what hard times I go through everything will be okay. People always say you have these amazing moments that help you grow while traveling and I am so lucky to have experienced one.

Other than this amazing moment Positano is such a quaint village. I loved all of the homes and shops that are perfectly placed on the side of the mountain. I wish I could have stayed there longer. We ate and took shots of limoncello which I recommend not getting a shot and getting it in a mix drink because it is strong. It was the perfect day admiring this lovely place. Took a dip in the water while there and during July is it perfect. Hot during the day but at sunset the weather is beautiful. I would love to go back there and stay for longer and maybe even have my wedding there. We saw two in the short time we were there and they looked stunning.



Second Fav!

The next favorite place was also another that we did not spend a lot of time in.  Florence was such a fun, unique time. We had a great Airbnb that was in the center by the Durmo and I wish we could have stayed there for at least one more night because it was our most convenient Airbnb. On our full day there we went on a wine tour excursion through Italy on a Budget Tours. It wasn’t just a wine tour but a full day of exploring villages in Tuscany. Met some great friends on our tour and in Siena ate cheese, meat and bread off a board from a place called Pizzicheria de Miccoli. I also got to try a a spritz for the first time which is a wine based cocktail and it was amazing. After Siena we headed to San Gimignano and had “the best gelato in the world” which was actually amazing. Definitely the best gelato I have ever had and I recommend getting the mango flavor. Then we got to experience an amazing wine tasting at Tenuta Torciano, which is a beautiful winery and we learned how to properly taste wine to really enjoy the full flavor. We also tried a great truffle oil and a balsamic vinegar during the wine tasting. I could put both of these on everything. This I feel like this day was one of my favorites!


Third Fav!!

My third favorite is probably one that you would not expect because it is a hidden gem. Portovenre is a small fishing village very close to La Spezia. It is known as “the bay of poets”. To get to this village I would recommend taking a boat because the bus could be long. We decided to do a day pass on the Hop Hop Boat which is located right next to the main ferry that you could also take. Hop Hop Boat is a speed boat that can get you there in 15 minutes there and back for $20 total. It was actually a blast going on. I love boats so getting to go very fast on one was thrilling.

Once we arrived at this stunning place we saw colorful buildings and a small church on the point of the village. Portovenre has basically one street that you can walk and go through all the shops and restaurants. I got to try the most flavorful pesto I have ever had and I am not lying, I dream about this stuff. It is from La Bottega Del Pesto and every time we would walk by the shop they had out a free sample. Inside the place there is a quick serve station where you can get different pastas and risotto with the pesto on it. Perfect lunch and probably one of the bests foods I had while in Europe. When I got my pesto pasta we went and sat on the rocks at Byron’s Cove. We didn’t have our swim suits on this day which was sad because I would have loved to go in the beautiful  water but it was just as amazing to look at. This place was stunning and definitely underrated because it is next to Cinque de Terre and most people go there. I think it is better because it is not as crowded as those villages and more unique.



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