How I packed for 40 days…

The time has finally coming for me to jet off on my trips for for 40 days!! But… I only can bring a carry-on suitcase which anyone who knows me knows that it was a hard task for me. It is not a bad idea to be minimal when you are traveling because who would want to lug around a giant bag. However, it can make life difficult when packing especially if you are like me and have a ton of clothes. So I made peace with it and attempted to pack. I started off by laying everything that I wanted to take on my bed ( pics below ) and I really thought that would all fit in that little carry-on lol…

The bag shown above is the black Rockland Luggage from Amazon and it has been the best carry-on, I have used it for so many trips. It is light and has a good amount of space for such a small bag. Only $45 off Amazon right now…. a steal!!

I started packing by using space bags that I got off Amazon and packed tank tops, dresses and rompers in the bags. Then I packed those bags in my carry-on along with shorts and jeans. As I was packing I quickly realized that the bags did not save as much space as I thought which was disappointing. I didn’t have room for underwear, swimsuits, a sweater or any toiletries. Yikes.

I decided that I needed to pack even less to make everything fit. Once again I laid everything out on my bed and started going through each thing and thought to myself if I would really need it. I’m an over packer so when I don’t think it’s a lot of clothes it probably is. I just never know what I am going to want to wear especially being in new places. Anyway, I just sucked it up and packed as much as I could fit. I ended up being able to use one space bag for my underwear, bras and swimsuits just so I can keep all of those items in one place.

To make sure I had everything, I made a list in my notes on my phone. This way I could make sure that I didn’t have for example two black tank tops and now I know everything that I am bringing because I listed it out. There is a lot I could not bring but I brought a lot of pieces that I can mix and match together. Throughout my trips you will definitely see me wearing the same outfits but I do what I got to do. Finally I was able to fit more than I expected but less than what I originally laid out. In the pictures above are all the clothes that I initially picked out and I decided not too take as many shorts, skirts, tanks and bathing suits to save room.


Lately I have been super obsessed with silk scarf headbands. You can do so many hairstyles with these scarfs which is great when want to change up an outfit. Since I did not bring a ton of clothes using these scarfs when I need to rewear outfits will make them a little different. You will see many pictures of me with these scarfs on because they are too cute. The ones in the picture above are from H&M.


To pack all of my toiletries I ordered one off of Amazon called Q Dream Travel Organizer Bag. All of my make up and toiletries fit in one bag. The bag is made out of water-proof material with mesh pockets in the inside so that a tooth brush or makeup brush can be held up on the side. This lil travel bag is only $8.99!!!!


Since I have never traveled for this long I am interested learn how to travel better once I am back. After my trip I am going to post on what I learned and what I could do better next time. I am ready to gain knowledge from this trip and give advice to others that want to travel but need tips on how to travel efficiently. Packing for such long trip was stressful but I am glad that I am doing it because light packing will be more beneficial for me when I am basically backpacking around Europe (haha there is no way this girl could get her clothes to fit in a backpack) .

I am very ready for my adventure to start and first destination is CANCUN!!!


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