Bonjour from Paris!

People say that Paris is the most beautiful city and I definitely agree with that. From the architecture to the history this city itself is a masterpiece and our first stop on our Europe trip. After waiting countless hours in the JFK airport in New York we got on our red eye to Paris and landed at about 1 pm, an hour and a half after we were supposed to. We weren’t sure how the metro worked in Paris yet so we decided to Uber from the airport to our Airbnb which was about $45, not bad. Our Airbnb was located in the neighborhood of Jaures just a bit north of central Paris. It was about a 45 min walk so we decided to try out the metro system.


On our first day there it was a bit confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out what metro train color goes where. We figured out how to get from the metro stop close to our place to the Arc de Triomphe. We walked uo out of station and there it was… beautiful. We of course had to stop and take our first round of pictures. We took so many pictures in Paris because how could you not. After our mini photo shoot we wondered around the Champs-Élysées and found a quaint restaurant called Café George V. I recommend going to this place because they have good wine and a unique menu. I got Thai shrimp ravioli and it was amazing and unexpected. After dinner we decided to walk around and ended up at the Eiffel tower. It was stunning and surreal being underneath it and seeing it for the first time in person.



The next day we bought tickets to the Louvre and at first I was hesitant about spending the money for it but it was definitely worth it. It is one of the most gorgeous museums I have ever seen and I am not exaggerating. If you have not been there before I highly recommend doing the guided tour and make sure to get there on time! The benefit of doing the guided tour is that you get to hear all of the history behind the works or art. I love history and being able to hear about why the Louvre was created and being inside of what once was a palace was definitely worth all the money. By the time we were done with our tour we were starving so we grabbed lunch at the cafe inside of the Louvre called Le Café Richelieu / Angelina. I got the best eggs benedicts that I have ever had. Every time I go to a new restaurant and they have eggs benny I have to get it. A great photo opportunity is to go to this cafe and go onto the terrace and take a picture in front of the pyramid. We left very pleased with the Louvre. We ended up after just wondering the streets of Paris finding cute little Parisian streets with cute photo opportunities.

Later that night we decided to have a picnic in front of the Eiffel tower for dinner. We went to a local grocery store that is right by the Eiffel tower and got cheese, cheap wine, fruit and of course a baguette. We were in shock that the sun doesn’t set till so late. We were waiting for the sun to set to see the tower sparkle till 11 pm. Seeing it sparkle in person is something I will never forget. It was the perfect little date night.

(To see the Eiffel Tower sparkle check out my Paris Instagram story)

Outfit of the Day: two piece set ( tie crop top with pants with slits)


If you do not know this already I am traveling with my best friend Sydney (she is a youtuber and you can find vlogs from our whole Europe Trip HERE ). Well we were just hanging in our Airbnb and all of a sudden I hear her scream it blew up and I am thinking oh god our apartment is the size of a shoe box we can not have anything blow up. Her charger flew out of the wall and was fried. It was so weird and we figured out that her converter was broken so there were too many watts going through the cord. Luckily, we found an Apple Store where she could get a new charger. So make sure you have a new convertor before plugging in your charger to it, I do not want your charger getting fried too. GO WATCH HER VIDEOS AFTER READING!


Palace of Versailles day!!

We figured out the train system to get from the intercity of Paris to the outskirts where Versailles is. Take train RER C to get there. When we got to the palace we waited in the line to get in for about an hour and we pre-bought our tickets so if you are going here leave extra amount of time for traveling there and waiting. Once inside we received our audio guides which is a little phone that you hold up to your ear. Inside different rooms you can plug in the number of the room and hear the story behind it. I have read about this palace in history class and seen pictures, but it was more breathtaking then I could have imagined. We walked around and walked through the beautiful garden that stretches for a mile behind the palace. It is huge and you walk a lot so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. The palace is worth all the money and the travel time because its more beautiful in person then a picture can show.


On the train ride back, a woman that lives in Paris told us that it was the first day of summer and there is a music festival going on all over the city. After taking a quick snooze we decided to go out an explore Paris and listen to music. We finally got Nutella, strawberry crepes from Culture Crepes , this tiny shop close to Notre-Dame. It was so good and very inexpensive. We wondered around and listened to beautiful music and saw a street dance show. (Videos of this are on my Paris Insta story)

I have seen this street on Instagram before so I searched social media and online to find out where it is. Here is the address to the secret pastel house street in Paris. When we turned down this street there was with a little live street performance going on with locals. People were singing and drinking and having a great time enjoying the music. What I loved most about it was being in a non-tourist setting and seeing locals just hanging out with each other. Living life like that looks very attractive to me. This was a perfect last day in Paris just walking around admiring the beautiful buildings and being around locals.

Outfit of the Day:


At first Paris was a little bit overwhelming trying to figure out how to work the metro and also worrying about staying safe. Once we found the confidence getting around on the metro and looking as if we knew what we were doing it became way less intimidating. I liked staying outside of the main city because it is less money, less crowded and you are living like a local. It is a unique experience staying in an apartment building with locals. Paris was beautiful and I would love to go back and stay longer. One take away from the trip is to be confident when traveling because it helps you when you are uncertain about certain situations, just remain calm and you will figure it out<3



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